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Wow! An experience brings the Northern Lights to the skyline of New York

Wow! An experience brings the Northern Lights to the skyline of New York

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It looks like New York still rocks! Edge at Hudson Yards is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere since its opening in 2020. It includes the restaurant Peak, and a memorable experience, the impressive City Climb, which is the highest external building climb in the world, where you have to climb up the stairs on the outside of a 1,200+ foot supertall building, then lean out from the outdoor platform at the top of the skyscraper. But the most impressive recent activity in this skyscraper was one which brought simply the Northern Lights to the top of New York City.  

The experience is called Skylight and is a nightly, immersive light display evoking the Northern Lights. It was a temporary event at Edge, from March 3 to 7, 2022. The idea was to experience the aurora borealis over the skyline of New York, in a 360-degree experience over the city. The show and experience used revolutionary lighting technology to create dramatic illustrations over the NYC skyline. Each 20-minute show featured dynamic, dancing waves of light illuminating the entirety of the deck, and provided the perfect backdrop for content generation by guests (selfies and more…).

Throughout March, Skylight has continued indoors with a large-scale cloud display and light projection transporting guests into an illuminated sky. It included a special space with cloud included (see photo), where people could immerse in this magical atmosphere and start taking their photos. During this time, special food and beverage inspired by the experience was available at the two indoor bars on Levels 100 and 101, for instance cocktails including marshmallows reminding of the clouds. 

The agency responsible for this action was BMF, as reports Bizbash. Austin Connor from the agency, told Bizbash “BMF worked with a local light designer to explore new technologies to create the illusion of the northern lights. There’s a lot to consider when creating an outdoor activation, especially 100 stories above Manhattan. We really had to work with the wind, something outside our control, because the activation relied heavily on even distribution of fog to capture the lighting effects.”

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