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Organise your event in Florence

We help you to organise your event in Florence

En un entorno con arte, historia, cultura, comida y vino tan emocionantes como Florencia, no faltan las grandes infraestructuras para darles la bienvenida a los participantes de convenciones, reuniones, congresos o cualquier otro tipo de evento que se encuentre dentro de la categoría de la industria de eventos.

 In an environment with such exciting art, history, culture, food and wine as Florence, there is no lack of infrastructures that can provide a strong welcome to the participants of conventions, meetings, congresses or any other type of event that falls under the category of the meeting industry.
Choosing Florence as a location for events or congresses means being able to count on an efficient and functional transportation network. The city, being in the heart of Italy, is easily reachable from all over the world by air – thanks to the city airport Amerigo Vespucci and the nearby International Airport of Pisa, but also from every corner of our country as Italy has never been so small, thanks to the high-speed train connections. And finally, once you are in the city, you can just walk because everything is within walking distance.
Operating since 1995, Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau is the official destination intermediary, whose aim is to promote Florence as an ideal city for hosting international events and congresses. The objective of the MICE division, Firenze Convention Bureau, is to increase quantity, quality and importance of events, conferences to be held in the city, offering the best services and rates thanks to the support of more than 300 partners.Firenze Convention Bureau offers indeed expert solutions for corporate, associations and independent meeting planners in order to support them on the venue selection process and planning, suggesting a vast array of cost and time-effective proposals. It can provide all the information about the city, including: accommodation and transportation facilities, lists of local suppliers such as PCOs and DMCs, hotels and unique venues as well as many other services for the realization of the best event in Florence.

Speaking of unique venues, choosing Florence also means being able to appreciate the perfect combination of modernity and high-level hospitality, thanks to a modern and efficient conference center and a myriad of impressive historical venues and luxury hotels scattered in the hearth of the city. Firenze Fiera Congress & Exhibition Center is a unique location in the world, in the heart of Florence. An exclusive area, a group of three venues located next to each other to satisfy every need:
• A masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, the Fortezza da Basso has an overall surface of over 80,000 sqm, of which 55,000 are roofed, combining perfectly restored historic locations (the Monumental Area or the Polveriera) and modern pavilions such as the Spadolini and the Cavaniglia.

• Palazzo dei Congressi hosted in Villa Vittoria, a historical 19th-century villa, combines ancient and finely furnished halls and modern, functional premises such as the beautiful Auditorium, which can host up to 1,000 people.

• Palazzo degli Affari is a flexible and multifunctional venue, structured on 5 levels, with an overall capacity of 1,800 people.

Photo of Florence 1
Photo of Florence 1