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Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria ofrece a los organizadores un mar de posibilidades para su evento, en una isla de buen tiempo. Un destino cercano a Europa, con buenas comunicaciones, modernas infraestructuras y un paisaje variado y atractivo.

Breathe deeply and let yourself be carried away by the sensations that this island gives you. Gran Canaria is changing its costume, as you travel from North to South. Diversity is its second name, because in a few hours it offers you thousands of moments, from crossing the bucolic laurel forests, walking through pine forests at 1,500 meters of altitude, leaving the clouds under your feet, to immersing yourself in the waters that caress a coastline of white dunes (you can walk through them on a camel) or black beaches inherited from its volcanic past. An oasis of palm trees and orange trees embedded between gorges draw a landscape similar to that of New Mexico or Arizona, and if you want to see a “sea of ​​clouds”, go up to Roque Nublo or Bentayga, two basaltic monoliths at 1,813 meters of altitude, which Miguel de Unamuno described it as a “petrified storm”. Do you want to continue exploring this infinite island?

The first Japanese restaurant in Spain was opened here. Christopher Columbus made a stopover before discovering the New World. Agatha Christie found inspiration. “Moby Dick” was filmed on Las Canteras beach. In Ingenio the purest vodka in the world is produced, it is called Blat and the method is secret.

Some authentic experiences that you can live in Gran Canaria

Have a 100% native coffee. Agaete can boast of being the only place in Europe where coffee is grown, a tradition from the 19th century, and one of the oldest beans in the world, Coffea arabica. This valley is famous for its coffee plantations and on the farms that grow it you can experience the whole coffee process: harvesting the beans, drying them, roasting them, mixing … and, of course, tasting it at the exclusive Agaete Coffee Academy. And from this landscape, with the sunset, look for the dragon’s tail that the cliffs draw in the ocean.

In the footsteps of the aborigines. The first settlers, Berbers or Amazighs from North Africa, arrived on the island with their culture based on cosmology, their beliefs, rituals and settlements, of which vestiges such as the sacred site of Caldera de Tejeda remain. You can visit sanctuaries, troglodyte habitats and artificial caves with astronomical markers. And at nightfall, official Project Starlight monitors will guide you on a journey through time, gazing at the stars and feeling that you almost touch them.

In search of the Flower Cheese. Who has taken my cheese? You will surely remember this best seller on the ability to adapt to change. In this fable you can be inspired to travel the six routes of the island’s typical cheese (one of the few in the world that uses thistle flower rennet). Three can be done by car: ‘In search of the last transhumants’, ‘In search of Flor cheese’ and ‘The flavors of Northern cheese’; two others are for hikers: ‘Walking among thistles’ and ‘Walking with transhumants’; and one to do it by bicycle: ‘Rolling towards the cheese’.

Who has not heard of the famous Gran Canaria Carnival, but have you ever lived it? With this Ineventing activity, you will feel it at any time of the year. Participants will enjoy a personalized carnival experience. For example, at the Leacock House, with its decorated terraces, lights and sound effects, plus a live show. Costume competition, performances and makeup by teams and the typical troupes, will fill everything with color and fun. They also do it in Canarian farms or in auditoriums.

Five Star Boat. One of the most spectacular catamarans in the Atlantic, a beach club on the high seas with Balinese beds, DJs, catering options, entertainment and water activities such as Flyboard, jetski, parasailing.

Spaces that will give a unique touch to your events: The interior of a cave, colonial haciendas, coffee plantations, banana trees, literary cabinets and even a lighthouse in the middle of the dunes…

Maspalomas lighthouse. The dunes, a small piece of desert anchored by the sea, is a sublime scene. Can an event be held there? It will depend on the wind … but the light of its nineteenth-century lighthouse will shine again after several years closed, and it will open some of its facilities as an ethnographic center. Divided into two structures, the ashlar stone tower that outlines the 60 meters of its silhouette and the lighthouse keeper’s house, designed in the purest Canarian style based on a rectangular structure that houses the traditional Canarian patio inside.

Columbus House (Casa de Colón). This house was Christopher Columbus’s accommodation when he began his travels to America. In the historic neighborhood of Vegueta, this architectural complex with more than five centuries old, in addition to being a museum, has spaces for events such as its auditorium for 110 people and several small rooms. Another space is Casa de África. A patio, three exhibition rooms, an auditorium for 110 people, a meeting room with simultaneous translation booths and a videoconference room.

Literary Cabinet (Gabinete Literario). A neoclassical French-style space with modernist decoration. In the hall there is an elegant main staircase that gives access to the Golden Room (250 people) and other spaces including the Computer Room, which breaks the classic decoration with computers. There is also an exhibition hall, and they offer catering service from their restaurant La Terraza del Gabinete.

Condal farm (Finca Condal). One of the most characteristic spaces where you will discover the island through history, because inside it houses a museum in the manor house: aborigines, conquest, the passage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas, pirate attacks … There is also a Ermita, the Vega Grande winery, where they do tastings and tastings (80 people), event rooms (1,000 people) and patios, all in a botanical garden with native species, an oasis of palm trees and centenary olive trees, 10 minutes from Maspalomas.

Poema del Mar. A theme park dedicated to marine life with event areas (200 people) under the aquarium in the Deep Sea space, a restaurant, a dome, an assembly hall, a lobby and a VIP room.

Maspalomas Circuit, for events related to the world of motoring and presentations of any product in the automotive sector, training, company incentives, car races, track rental for private gatherings. It offers a catering service, different models and sizes of tents, as well as different leisure and accommodation possibilities that the Maspalomas area offers.

Casa Quintanilla, in the municipality of Arucas, on the shores of the ocean, this old family residence was built at the end of the 19th century in an environment of banana and sugar tradition. It has large interior patios and exterior gardens for unique and custom events.

Castillo de la Luz is the oldest defensive fortress in the Canary Islands, built at the end of the 15th century. Today it is the permanent headquarters of the Martín Chirino Art and Thought Foundation, the great Canarian sculptor. Its gardens and meeting room make it a unique space for events of all kinds in the middle of a park of great beauty.

Jardín de la Marquesa de Arucas is a natural paradise, a botanical garden with plants and vegetation from around the world. In the middle of the garden is the Palacete, with a basalt stone facade typical of Arucas. It has become a reference point for events at any time of the year. Guests can enjoy a unique space surrounded by nature but without leaving the comforts of the nearby city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, just 10 minutes away.

Maroa Club de Mar, located on the Island of Anfi, on the coast of Mogán, and with an area of ​​almost 3,000m2, is the largest leisure terrace in the entire Archipelago. The surroundings of Isla Maroa are complemented by the Anfi beach and the Marina Narval sports pier. The terrace is divided into spaces: solarium, restaurant, Chill Out and organization of events. The spaces can be reserved in their entirety or separately.

Talleres Palermo is an old carpentry from the mid-twentieth century converted into a multidisciplinary space that combines an event room, vintage industrial furniture brocante, bar and coworking. The ground floor of TP, where the POLONIUM209 brocante and the bar are located, is also the main area for the development of events. With an open area of ​​400m2 and a height of 7 meters. The space has a bar and kitchen area, usable as a catering preparation room.

More reasons to make your event in Gran Canaria?

– Gran Canaria Airport: 138 destinations in Spain, Europe and Africa

– Ship: 137 destinations, 22 with West Africa

– More than 550 hotels and 40,000 hotel beds

– Alfredo Kraus Auditorium (1,656 pax); Palacio de Congresos de Gran Canaria-Infecar (800 pax); and Expomeloneras Center (796 pax)

– Climate + 4,800h of sun, average temperature of 23º

– Worldwide biosphere reserve

– Starlight Destination (high quality of your skies for stargazing)

– Carnival Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

– 60 kilometers of beaches on 236 kilometers of coastline

– Network of viewpoints: 31 balconies with panoramic views

– 8 golf courses, 5 marinas

– 100% professional suppliers: audiovisual, assembly, furniture, digital printing, transport …

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Photo of Gran Canaria 1

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