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Organise your event in Seoul

We help you to organise your event in Seoul

Los distintivos son vistos como el reflejo de que Seúl sea una de las ciudades más importantes en cuanto a la industria de reuniones a nivel internacional.

Seoul is a capital city of South Korea situated in the center of Korean peninsula.  Started its history of being the capital about 2000 years ago, it has been a capital for more than 600 consecutive years established the scenery and culture rich in history. Five palaces including one listed as the UNESCO World Heritage are sitting at the heart of the city welcoming international visitors to its calming beauty. The Hangang River runs across and divides the city into two regions seems as though it represents the contrasting charms of the city.

Events participants coming to Seoul are often surprised to see the traditional Korean architecture famous for the beautiful roof right beside the modern designed skyscrapers along the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Many of them also admire the night activities such as shopping or grabbing a drink at luxurious rooftop bars after the hectic meetings and seminars during the daytime. Korean cultures are now so recognized globally that its food, fashion, movies and TV drama, art and music are all receiving much international attention. Seoul is the perfect city to experience these cultural fascinations where the extracts of the excitement are available at every corner of the city for the visitors to make most of it.

Welcoming the event participants begin at the arrivals. The Incheon International Airport, Seoul’s main international access provides flights from more than hundred destinations, having direct flights from most of them. It was awarded for the best service quality for more than 10 times. The level of the service quality and convenience are extended to the public transportation system- 9 lines for the subway system, easy numbered buses and taxis cover every part of the city. The long list of hotels and unique venues bring the satisfaction for the event planners and participants along with its diversity in characteristics.

Explore the City

– How about discovering Seoul’s charms with exciting teambuilding activities? You can participate in a group race clearing interesting missions, go for a treasure hunt or Hangeul (Korean letters) hunt or ride a pedicab and relax during the sightseeing.

            – Ancient & Modern Seoul City Race

            – Discover Seoul with Pedicabs

            – Hangeul Hunt

            – Treasure Hunt in the Capital

            – Urban Quest Team Building

Explore the Food

– Learning how to cook together is the best way to make lasting memories with people around you. Imagine trying cooking exotic food with your colleagues in Seoul.

            – Making Bean Paste Rice Cake

            – Exploring local food market and Cooking Korean food with chef

            – The Delights of Korean Cuisine

            – Making Makgeolli (traditional Korean rice wine)

Explore the Art

– Art is an international language that has no barriers for anyone. Endless courses including making beautiful paintings and crafts, playing the traditional Korean musical instruments, learning and practicing K-Pop Dance, making your own K-Pop music, and even Korean martial arts are waiting for you.

            – Another Me

            – DIY Mother-of-pearl Craft Experience

            – Percussion Music & Traditional Korean Dance

            – Learn the Art of Taekwondo

Explore the Culture

– Some activities are packages of all the charms like a bowl of Bibimbab. The combination will offer opportunities to dive into the unique culture of Seoul and Korea.

            – All in Hanok

            – Haerang’s 2 Hour Korean Alphabet Class

            – Make a Wish

            – Seoul Cultural Photo Challenge

            – Templestay

Photo of Seoul 1
Photo of Seoul 1