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Experimenta Eslovenia un destino innovador con soluciones únicas y las mejores experiencias. Perfecto para dar un impulso extra a tus empleados y mostrar a tus clientes que tu empresa es la mejor.

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Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean, Slovenia delights with its many faces. Here, various events and meetings can be organized in the Alps, the Mediterranean or the Kras, in spas, castles, on beautiful lakes and in busy urban centres. Colorful diversity in many different ways represents one of Slovenia’s greatest competitive advantages. Slovenia’s fascinating natural and cultural heritage, broad selection of congress capacities and meeting venues, world-famous cuisine, outstanding wines, authenticity, pleasant climate, variety of experiences and last but not least, the friendly and industrious people, make up the pillars of the Slovenia Meetings programme.

Wherever you find yourself in Slovenia, you’re sure to experience a diversity of features and sights, feeling the essential touch of the people’s hospitality. The petite size of our country is also its great advantage, unique in its colourful diversity of experience where distances are tiny and everything is within reach.

Certainly, Slovenia leaves no visitor indifferent. Impressions such as the above offer more proof that sometimes, the best things come in the smallest packages – with their own air of enchantment.

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How events can be the best awareness-raising tool, according to Gaja Brecelj
Ideas and tips · Eslovenia

How events can be the best awareness-raising tool, according to Gaja Brecelj

When it comes to our environmental track record, we are a highly imperfect industry, as you have probably reflected at the end of one of your events, facing a half-uneaten buffet. So what should we do? Slovenian NGO leader Gaja Brecelj gives us a clear wake-up call, but mostly a positive message: events can be an amazing tool to raise awareness and make people more positively convinced of the need and possibility ...