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Organise your event in Futura MADRID

Maximum capacity 70 pax

Distance city centre 6 km

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Contact person: Roberto Menéndez

Av. de la Institución Libre Enseñanza, 39, Madrid, Madrid

Your event space in Madrid

Futura MADRID, is the perfect space high tech venue for your events. We offer totally unique, customizable services that will make your events a memorable experience including Social Robots, Holograms and VR simulators to enhance your event. Our facilities have more than 300 m2 distributed in a total of 3 multipurpose rooms adap

Photo of Futura MADRID 1
Photo of Futura MADRID 2
Photo of Futura MADRID 3
Photo of Futura MADRID 4
Photo of Futura MADRID 1
Photo of Futura MADRID 2
Photo of Futura MADRID 3
Photo of Futura MADRID 4
Photo of Futura MADRID 5
Photo of Futura MADRID 6

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Si necesitas un espacio para eventos en Madrid pide presupuesto a Futura MADRID, completa el siguiente formulario para que se pongan en contacto contigo y te puedan ayudar en tu evento.

Maximum capacity 70 pax

Location 6 km

Futura MADRID is located in the northwest area of the centre of Madrid, between the García Noblejas and Ciudad lineal metro stations and accessible from the M30 and M40.

Futura Vive of Grupo ADD is made up of 3 different companies, all offering different B2B business technology solutions for the events, health, catering, hotel and retail sectors in general. We are focused on Events, robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Our Rooms


Multi-room event space of more than 300 m2, divided into a total of 3 multi-purpose rooms adaptable to your needs. It has a fully equipped cinema, a multipurpose room and a meeting area.


Space of more than 400 m2, located in the Robot Museum of the ABC Serrano Shopping Centre, focused on team building activities for companies. It includes a stage and permanent robot showroom.


Venue located in the X Madrid Shopping Centre, this venue is a real megashow store. Facilities of 900 m 2 with capacity for events. Possibility of setting up for fairs as well as performance type activities.

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