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Gar Anat

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Location Centro de la ciudad

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Our greatest desire is to feel the affection with which we treat every detail.
Every corner of the hotel and each room has its history and charm, decorated with care to share our love for literature, art and culture and transport them in time without giving up the comforts of today.

All our clients are unique and special, and we welcome them with professionalism and kindness that defines our staff.

Photo of Gar Anat 1
Photo of Gar Anat 1

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Si necesitas un espacio para eventos en pide presupuesto a Gar Anat, completa el siguiente formulario para que se pongan en contacto contigo y te puedan ayudar en tu evento.

  Gar-Anat Hotel Boutique sells experiences, emotions, sensations, desires through the atmosphere inside.

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