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IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey

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Maximum capacity 450 pax

Distance city centre 1 km

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Contact person: Paz Hernández

C/ Dr. Jose Naveiras, 38, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Located in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we find the emblematic IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey, an establishment of colonial, urban architecture, renovated in 2011 perfect to hold events.

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Photo of IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey 2
Photo of IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey 1
Photo of IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey 2
Hotel of 5 stars

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Si necesitas un espacio para eventos en Santa Cruz de Tenerife pide presupuesto a IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey, completa el siguiente formulario para que se pongan en contacto contigo y te puedan ayudar en tu evento.

Maximum capacity 450 pax

Location 1 km

The hotel to conventions IBEROSTAR Heritage Grand Mencey has 261 rooms and 10 lounges that, together with our 6000m2 of gardens and terraces, can host any type of event with capacity for up to 400 people.

Meeting rooms

The Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey has 9 447 m2 rooms with a capacity for up to 400 people with adaptable areas. Available:

  • Tinerfe: Up to 450 people. Can be divided into 3 rooms
  • Guezala: Up to 150 people
  • Plataneras: Up to 180 people
  • Nivaria: Up to 220 people
  • Acaymo: Up to 30 people
  • Tacoronte: 10 people
  • Taganana: 10 people
  • Martín González: Up to 110 people
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