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Mon Madrid

Organise your event in Mon Madrid

Maximum capacity 800 pax

Location Centro de la ciudad

Your event space

Multi-purpose space in the northwest area of Madrid. In Mon Madrid we have a great capacity for any event of great magnitude or can be segmented and adapted to the liking of the promoter.  


Photo of Mon Madrid 1
Photo of Mon Madrid 1

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Si necesitas un espacio para eventos en pide presupuesto a Mon Madrid, completa el siguiente formulario para que se pongan en contacto contigo y te puedan ayudar en tu evento.

Maximum capacity 800 pax

We have a completely new and renovated room, located in the heart of the city. Leisure reference for all the university public, our room offers a perfect space for all kinds of recreational activities, as well as for conducting events, presentations, conferences…

 Capacity: 800 people
Room available: from 15:00. Schedules to consult.
Camerinos with shower and hot water.
Auxiliary area for musicians and/or guests (direct access to stage)
Production Office: Available upon request only.
Access: from the street Slavic Hilarión direct to the room, staircase of steps. Direct access: dressing room: yes, 6 meters.

Stage height: 0.97 mts.
Scenario atura to roof: 3.60 (stage mouth)
Minimum height: 3.15 (scenario background)
Stage mouth: 10 mts.
Scenario background: 5 mts.
Distacia PA scenario: 13 mts.
Separation fences: available upon request.
Anti-avalanche fences available upon request and budget.
Backline: available in room, upon request and price.
Maximum acoustic pressure in room: 105 dB.

Technical staff:
1 P.A. technician.
1 technician monitors
1 stage technician
1 technician lights
1 responsible for production

Room staff:
Box office assistant
Access controller
Wardrobe service
Maintenance service cleaning

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