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eventos Magazine

eventos magazine

eventos Magazine is the reference magazine for the MICE sector.

In 2005, we decided to create a publication that would investigate and analyze the important issues of the sector, that would keep its members informed, that would be its voice and its soul. And you can see that you liked it, because it has continued to grow and today you can hold it in your hands!

Finalist in ISES Esprit Awards 2006 in the category of “Best Industry Contribution”.

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eventos magazine

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The supplements Guía de espacios, Destinos MICE en España and Destinos MICE en Europa y el mundo as well as 6 issues of the magazine

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We write about news, innovation, opinions, curiosities, trends, positive projects within the events environment…
We are interested in everything that enriches us and we want to inform, inspire, empower and entertain. In order to absorb all this knowledge, you have to read Magazine events slowly, enjoying the moment and being fully aware of it.

Subscribe to eventos Magazine to become wiser, get inspired and stay up to date with all the latest news in the industry. Activate your five senses for the #SlowReading moment, and enjoy!

Who is reading us?

You, for example. And many entrepreneurs; MICE, communication and marketing professionals; people passionate about live communication, people who love the world of events. Do you want to advertise in Magazine events?

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