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10 de diciembre 2019

Club eventoplus Christmas breakfast BCN 2019


Workshop: How to design your communication plan in the Meetings and Events sector

Everything communicates, we all communicate… but we do not always dedicate to the definition of our communication strategy all the reflection and methodology that deserves something so sacred. Result: many of us are very good at what we do but the client doesn’t know it (and sometimes we don’t even know it ourselves and, communicating well, differentiating ourselves, being relevant, memorable is proposed as a challenge…). If we add to this that the communication in events must be very specific (based on trust, intangibles, in a very saturated market, in a sector very “guild” and jealous of its specificity) devising a communication plan can take longer than necessary; therefore…

Do not suffer! Grupo eventoplus has been following communication in the events sector for 20 years. We look at the keys to good communication, the possible alternatives, the means according to the objectives. So we propose to participate in a workshop to define a communication plan. No, it’s not a session about Grupo eventoplus. It’s about you, your brand and your marketing strategy.


If you are a Club eventoplus member, book this date and see you very soon!

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10 de diciembre 2019