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Floor space (M2): 700

Height (M2): 4

Dimensions (M): 6.40 x 41.80

Banquet : 430

Cocktail : 690

Floor space (M2): 563

Height (M2): 4

Dimensions (M): xx

Cocktail : 280

Floor space (M2): 405

Height (M2): 4

Dimensions (M): 17.30 x 23.43

Banquet : 300

Cocktail : 450

Classroom : 336

Theatre : 432

Floor space (M2): 354

Height (M2): 3

Dimensions (M): xx

Banquet : 220

Cocktail : 220

Floor space (M2): 129.5

Height (M2): 4

Dimensions (M): xx

Cocktail : 100

Classroom : 45

Theatre : 100

Floor space (M2): 108.80

Height (M2): 4

Dimensions (M): xx

Banquet : 70

Cocktail : 200

Classroom : 81

Theatre : 110

Floor space (M2): 45

Height (M2): 3

Dimensions (M): xx

Classroom : 24

Theatre : 35

Floor space (M2): 32

Height (M2): 3

Dimensions (M): xx

Classroom : 10

Theatre : 30

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