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IKONO lands with its immersive experience in Barcelona

IKONO lands with its immersive experience in Barcelona

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Cristina Munoz
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After the success of its spaces in Madrid and Rome, Ikono (a startup from Seville) arrives in Barcelona with immersive rooms for events designed to provide a sensory experience and give free rein to the organiser's creativity. The new experiential gallery has opened in the Arenas Shopping Centre in the city centre, with more than ten immersive and interactive installations.

The immersive journey, which lasts approximately one hour, unfolds through a series of unique and impressive environments that reproduce the thrill of travelling to different and surreal worlds without having to leave the city. An experience where you stop being a spectator and become a protagonist, where you can use your hands as brushes to draw with lights in the air, or dance under a shower of confetti.

Among the many interactive experiences of the new opening, the following stand out: the immense futuristic ball pool that invites you to travel back in time and immerse yourself in an abandoned industrial warehouse of the future; the “Light Painting” experience, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s experiments in painting with light, in which visitors can unleash their creative genius, interacting with glowing brushes to create drawings, shapes and phrases in the air, and then receive the final work directly on their mobiles.

Finally, there will also be collaborations with artists such as Heather Bellino, with an immersive Renaissance-inspired abstract artwork that traps the visitor in a maze of mirrors and lights that give the illusion of perpetual motion; and with Ishita Banerjee (Soul Curry Art), a modern cubist and abstract expressionist artist, who shows us in her art her vision of the future, where modern cubism meets futuristic utopia.

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