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In search of the best innovative ideas and products at evento Days

In search of the best innovative ideas and products at evento Days

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Once more, the meeting point for the events sector in Spain has been a great opportunity for window shopping and discovering all sorts of exhibitors that brought their top products for the coming year. Evento Days was a showroom to walk around, be surprised and learn about all the new services and products that will make a change in our future events. We bring you a summary of some of the innovations that most attracted our attention.

Interactive Piano  – AV Medios.  A digital piano that plays with interactivity and mapping (using Colux, the movement detection technology), allowing users to compose their own melodies or compete against Mozart in the Arcade mode. Using Led technology, AV Medios projected a giant keyboard that, through a calibrated laser sensor, could detect the keys that were being pressed, generating  the appropriate sound. The keyboard projection and the screen mapping can adapt to any measures needed (up to 8×8) and be combined with presentations, bringing dynamism to the screen contents.


Data Events by Domestic Data Streamers. The communication and data visualization company Domestic Data Streamers launches a division of projects specific for events, in which data are transformed into experiences and information that highlight their meaning, communicate with strength and can be used in events. An example: The usual tweetwall that shows tweets tagged with a certain hashtag evolves to become an artefact that fills several test tubes with liquid as a result of the incoming data, generating a highly visual and tangible bar chart. A different way to communicate data and also to attract visitors and engage with them. In line with this invention, they also exhibited their Project “Liquid Data”, an artistic piece that looks like a brain made out of different cables that are filled with a liquid that represents the answers that users give to certain questions.


Rewans, a gamification mobile app for events. The PokemonGo of brands; an app in which users solve problems and unblock different levels in order to get some of the prizes that brands offer during an event. Through the app, that uses geolocation, attendees can look for and follow prizes that are hidden somewhere in the event venue. The attendee captures the prizes and answers some questions related to the brand: a mixture of PokemonGo and Trivial. The organizer chooses the duration of the game and the geographical area in which the “mission” can be visualized.

Gif Mirror – Evento Divertido. Every year, this company brings some innovative idea that changes the way we think about photocalls. This time attendees could create animated gifs while posing in front of a mirror that acts as a photo booth and lighting set. Besides being able to send the gif by email or printing it instantly, attendees can also receive it via Whatsapp in order to share on social media.

Astera spotlights – EES. The lighting set distributor, EES, presented their new line of wireless spotlights “Astera”, especially designed for events due to their easy handling and transportation. The spotlights have a battery that lasts up to 20 hours and can be used to illuminate a stand, a meeting room or an outdoor area.  They are water resistant and their intensity can be controlled remotely through an app.


Ascari Corporate. A business platform that revolves around the motoring world, helping  companies that want to increase customer loyalty and work on their networking. Through a yearly subscription, every company gets a package of points that allows them to drive on the circuit on the Corporate days; six days distributed along the year on which the company can invite their clients to live a driving experience together.

The Brand Company and their edible straws. The drinks packaging company brought the innovation to evento Days with their biodegradable straws. Instead of using plastic, they are made out of edible material that gradually dissolves in the drink in a maximum of ten minutes, adding a light flavor of chocolate, lime or strawberry. A way to surprise customers with a drink and reduce plastic consumption.

Re-board – Northern Design. Their egg stand made out of cardboard for one-to-one interviews did not go unnoticed. What better way to show your product than being inside of it? Northern Design brought an original stand, with round and curvy shapes, where attendees can ask questions and discover more about the product. The material is a re-board, an extremely rigid cardboard with an internal structure that can support heavy weights and be cut with round shapes to let fly your imagination. An efficient, flexible and sustainable solution when creating ephemeral structures for events, selling points or hospitality areas.


Easyair system – Magrada inflatable structures. New fabrics, textures and technology for these illuminated structures that can be used as decorative elements indoors and outdoors. The different shapes are inflated through highly powerful fans and illuminated with led technology that can be regulated in intensity and colour remotely.


Many other suppliers presented their products, concepts or recent creations, but you already have here some of the innovations that were presented during evento Days and that can bring some creativity to your events. Don´t forget: App suppliers (many were present at evento Days) will have an entire article for them in our September issue of eventos magazine. Don’t miss it.

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