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Jobs for Ukrainians

Jobs for Ukrainians

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Jobs for Ukraine Having a job, feeling useful, earning money (what nonsense, right?), and thinking about other things than war or the destruction of your life (or worse things!)... We bring you excellent initiatives that want to help Ukrainians to find work, some remotely, others in Germany, Spain or wherever they have had to move. We give you a list recommended by personal Ukrainian friends, and that we ask you to investigate and use if you are looking for talent. 

UA Talents:  Hire an Ukrainian for work.  This website connects employers with Ukrainians who are looking for a job within EU or remotely. 

Job Aid UkraineJob Aid Ukraine brings jobseekers and employers together to support their integration into the European labor market.


The Prorizne SocietyA non-governmental organisation registered in Estonia (registry code 80608715) that aims to foster social capital development to strengthen societal cohesion in Europe. The society started as an informal group of the friends 20 years ago but Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 invigorated them to become a formal organisation.

Superheroes UkraineA digital marketing agency in Kvyv at your service! They are the agency responisble for the initiative

Voices of Ukraine: An Instagram project aimed at showing the West what is happening and providing necessary assistance to Ukraine.  With more than 800 subscribers from mainly Europe and the USA, and growing fast!.

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