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Management tools that connect real people

Management tools that connect real people

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What is ‘NetZero Events’, the international commitment of the MICE industry? What do ChatGPT and artificial intelligence for events mean? Companies still far from defining sustainability targets in MICE
 Interaction is the new obsession of event planners. Meetabout is one solution we saw in EIBTM. In fact, this management tool makes the event a real network of connected people.

Act. Interact. React: it´s as easy as pie. Every attendee wears a Meetabout device loaded with his own profile and interests, becoming an active part of the event community.

Organisers can see how the public is actually behaving and react accordingly.

They also can send simple real-time polls that the participants will complete through their Meetabout.

At the same time, when two people with common interests are close by, the devices will alert and help the break the ice… and even exchange their business cards.

Using the device at any of the “hotspots” in the event participants can ask exhibitors for information, or publish on their social networks what´s going on.

Finally organisers and participants can access the reports and statistics of their activity at the event via a secure-web portal.

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