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MCI launches virtual consulting for associations

MCI launches virtual consulting for associations

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Should you be an event organizer… or a consultant which helps the client thrive with better strategy and management (and including events)? Should we move closer to to strategy and management of the client organizations? In the association world, the idea of managing more than just the congresses of associations has been attractive for a while. Now the international event and congress agency MCI just launched a virtual consulting product to help associations “get ready for the future through strategic transformation”. This is a 12-week consulting programme of strategic planning at a distance which aims to enable association leaders to receive advisory consulting on how to rethink their approach to remain relevant in the digital age and enhance their member and community value.

F.A.S.T. (Future-proof Association Strategic Transformation) is a methodology based on MCI’s experience of conducting some 50 consulting projects a year and experience providing strategic and management solutions to associations. Association leaders are invited to take an assessment test to help them understand how ready their organisation is to deliver value and thrive in the new normal. The outcome is a roadmap of the transformation they can embark on.

Core to this programme is a Transformation Task Force which consists of 12 individuals who represent the leadership and diversity of each association and community. They are supported by MCI consultants. Additionally, MCI consultants interview thought-leaders and survey association members, customers and industry partners to integrate a thorough assessment of stakeholder needs, engagement requirements and financial essentials.

Nikki Walker, Global Vice President Association Management & Consulting, MCI says, “as the world is shifting to digital technology and engagement, associations are forced to rethink their strategy. The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated this process. Association leaders face challenges to keep up with today’s volatile, disruptive and rapidly changing environment”.

An interesting example of moving up from event design and planning to a more strategic value added… that all our industry should think of!!!!

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