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Ryanair will sell smokeless cigarettes to its passengers

Ryanair will sell smokeless cigarettes to its passengers

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When your guests must take a two-hour flight to attend your event; what can you do with the nicotine-addict? Ryanair has launched an initiative to calm their nerves: the airline will sell to its passengers "smokeless cigarettes" to assure their shot of nicotine.

Whit this innovative proposal, Ryanair aims to become the favourite airline of smokers offering them, even if it a placebo, smokeless cigarettes made of steam and nicotine. Each packet of ten cigarettes costs around six euros, and will be sold only to persons over 18 years.

According to company spokesman Stephen McNamara, “these cigarettes are smokeless and do not cause any discomfort to other passengers, so you can ensure a pleasant flight to all passengers, while non-smokers will not have to deal any more with smoking passengers disgruntled by the need of nicotine

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