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Schweppes offers “the perfect toast” at Plataea Madrid

Schweppes offers “the perfect toast” at Plataea Madrid

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Create movement in Platea Madrid; relate Schweppes to this new gastronomic temple of the capital with a visual and viral action; remind the historical importance of the brand in Madrid; and generate a solidarity action. These were some of the objectives of the "Christmas Ball activation" of Schweppes in the hall of Platea Madrid from December 1st to January 1st. We were there...

How does it work? Participants enter in a Christmas snowball and can toast with the perfect Gin & Tonic (Schweppes of course)… When you toast, magic is activated: the ball illuminates and it starts to snow; a hostess then captures the moment with a camera and shoot it online with the hashtag #UNBRINDISPERFECTO.

For this action, the agency Sr.Wilson has created a very special Christmas ball: beside his size (5m base and 3.80m height), it includes a set that represents one of the most emblematic places in Madrid: the famous Gran Vía building that bears the brand of Schweppes. Inside, they provide participants with glasses of ball comprising an intelligent sensor able to feel the moment of toast (when the glasses touch each other), and transmit it by radio to a computer, making the whole stage lights and flooding it with snow.

Also, a counter present in front of the ball sum each toast, and toast each solidarity, Schweppes will allocate €1 to the Red Cross so that no child is left without a gift for Christmas. A fun and useful action.



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