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Alameda Catering

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Alameda is a specialist in organization of business events. It organises more than two hundred events every year for all kinds of companies and institutions. Conventions, Christmas dinners, days, coffee breaks, cocktails or institutional appetizers, gala dinners, business anniversaries and countless formats of professional and business meetings are attended every day by the service of Alameda Catering and events.

We work side by side with you to get the perfect event. We take care of the corporate identity of your company, and we adapt our services to any need that your company requires.

Photo of Alameda Catering 1
Photo of Alameda Catering 1

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The cuisine is constantly evolving and therefore innovation becomes something fundamental missing never in our kitchen. We work every day to create a modern, daring and avant-garde cuisine while maintaining its essence in the traditional pillars of the kitchen of a lifetime. The taste is always the protagonist and evolve passion gives meaning to hours of effort, work and illusion.

Together with our innovative cuisine, Alameda offers a comprehensive service ranging from restoration to the integral organization of events, all guided by a team of enthusiastic professionals to create unique, personalized experiences and unrepeatable.

Your Catering Service, with unique spaces for all Andalusia, moved to the entire country. If you have a special space for ti, we do not take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Alameda Catering specializes in event services in the following categories: