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Madrid Fly

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Contact person: Daniel Morata

Avd. Nuestra Sra de Retamar, 16, Las Roza, Madrid

Entertainment & Activities services for your event in Madrid

Madrid Fly is the biggest wind tunnel of Europe, the first in Madrid and the one that is most prepared to offer an unforgettable experience flying. Yes flying!.Our facilities of more than 3.000m2, are perfect for any event.

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Why should you organize your event at Madrid Fly? Easy! Our facilities are more than 3.000m2 big and they are at your disposal. Corporate events, team building, media presentations, audiovisual productions… everything is possible in our meeting rooms, restaurant, private parking, terraces and relaxing areas. Among all that, Madrid Fly offers the opportunity to experience the joy of flying without the need to jump from an airplane.The concept is simple: “four powerful engines that using propellers to move the air generate an upward vertical current which will make you fly” Simply by lying on the air stream you will  float and feel the exciting sensation of flying without risks. Our professionals will guide you step by step. It´s easrier than walking! Surprise and be surprised at Madrid Fly.

Madrid Fly has of facilities of more than 1.500 m2 for events, 600 m2 of chill-out terraces and 1.100 m2 of outdoor space, such as garden and parking spaces for its clients.


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