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Contact person: Michel de Fuentes

C/ Juan de Juanes 12, Madrid

Catering for events services for your event in Madrid

Since 1988 we are a full services catering company. Medems has a team of professionals who work every day to maintain the highest degree of satisfaction of all our customers.  We’re a great team, we all add up.

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For Medems, each catering is a new challenge in which we pour all our creativity and enthusiasm both in the kitchen, in the assembly and in the prop so that on each occasion and event the image is unique.
Medems a gastronomic experience at the service of Sensory and Emotional Marketing, Neuromarketing. Emotional experiences of communication through gastronomy. The creative cuisine of Medems seeks to awaken sensations and emotions, achieve an emotional commitment using the 5 senses of the diner, evoking the philosophy of a brand, a product, through taste, taste, smell, sight. Medems creativity in its purest form at the service of the event.


Medems catering specializes in event services in the following categories: