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Technical services services for your event in Madrid

Thanks to this innovative technology that brings corporate 3D videos and logos to life, holograms attract attention and quickly become an event within the event. Ensuring customers remember your brand for a long time.
From Madrid and Barcelona, hologram3D is a leader in Spain of holographic projectors for professional use. We work with event and communication agencies, stores and dealers, to surprise their customers with 3D projections.

Photo of Hologram3D 1
Photo of Hologram3D 1

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Leaders in Spain in 3D technology, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, we are the Spanish subsidiary of Hologram3D® Paris.
Our logistics center in Almería allows us to distribute directly to our customers throughout the Peninsula in 24 hours with MRW.
At Hologram3D, we are the reference in holograms and holographic fans for fair and brand professionals. We specialize in 3D marketing to improve the visibility of stores and events so you can stand out from your competition in your event.
We work with the largest brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Iberdrola, as well as communication agencies, to understand their needs and develop holographic solutions that allow them to carry out their projects successfully.


Hologram3D specializes in event services in the following categories: