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Design, Decoration & Set-up services for your event in Barcelona

Dissemination of antiviral essential oils, antibacterial oils, and NO2 pollution reducers, certified by the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Sciences in Japan.

The patented diffusers we have are of new technology, double fluid, that operate without water or heat, with which 100% of the properties of the oils are used.

Photo of Shizen’na 1
Photo of Shizen’na 1

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Shizen’na, a company dedicated to the aromatization of spaces with essential oil reminds us that some of these oils have a high antiviral and antibacterial capacity, and can reduce the presence of germs in environments by 99% after 120 minutes since their diffusion, as evidenced by a recent trial conducted by Kitasato University in Tokyo (Japan).

Although it is not a medical solution, nor do they intend, they also consider aromatization as an aid to clean up environments and reduce the capacity of viral transmission over a long period of time so that attendees of an event can stay as long as necessary.

Importers of the Japanese multinational @aroma, has its own diffusers and essential oils 100% natural and customized for the event.
-We have own diffusers and essential oils with antiviral active ingredients
-We have diffusion machines for rent for events (also for sale)
-We are useful for all sizes of spaces, from an office to a warehouse, through theatre rooms, meeting rooms, convention rooms, offices
-We are 100% natural. We do not use chemicals

Other Highlights:
Own and customized formulation 
Importers of a Japanese multinational of diffusers and essential oils working for major brands globally
Own creation of 100% natural aromas with pure essential oils, without added chemistry, and new diffusers by mist of nanoparticles.
Aromatous Designer and perfumer of our own
We aromatize with oils propieties according to needs (antiviral, NO2 reducers, antiestress, relaxing, stimulants…)
We have all kinds of options for all kinds of customers (hotel receptions, rooms, offices, private individuals, shops, gymnasiums…)
We extend our collection constantly
… and other properties that can also be seen on the web
We have more information and studies on the efficacy of oils


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