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Transport for events services for your event in Vizcaya

In Alaibus are dedicated to passenger transport by road, both locally as nationally and internationally, establishing the safety and comfort of its customers as the structural pillars of our company. More than 10 years of experience guarantee the quality of its service.

Photo of Alaibus 1
Photo of Alaibus 1

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From Alaibus offer a wide range of services to meet any need of transportation by road: trips and excursions, meals and events company, attending conferences and sporting events, transfer guests to weddings, and any other bus service tailored to your needs.

In Alaibus we are spending much of their resources both renewal and thorough maintenance of your fleet and drivers training. As a result Alaibus has last generation buses designed to offer maximum safety and comfort for travelers.
Transport for events / Bus and minibus hire


Alaibus specializes in event services in the following categories:

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