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Contact person: Jesús Villar

Avda. Gómez Ferrer nº 39, bajo-2, Alfafar, Valencia

Technical services services for your event in Valencia

Alkilaudio is a company dedicated to sound and lighting. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, focused on meeting their needs in all aspects of the audiovisual field.

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  • We provides great coverage in the production of services related to your event. We cover a wide range of market needs that require the use of audiovisual media, furniture, decoration and photography.
  • Alkilaudio have our own technical means and the necessary experience to offer a product of the highest quality in your meetings, congresses … We are present in your product presentations, inaugurations… and all this under the supervision of a team of the sector.
  • Ensure a good service at your social events. Our professional career and the events carried out with excellent results place Alkilaudio in a leading company in the sector. We liven up your parties with the best dj’s, performance, laser shows … and always under the continuous supervision of our team of professionals.


Alkilaudio specializes in event services in the following categories: