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AV Express

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Contact person: Miriam Chaves

C / Cristóbal Bordiú, 53., Madrid

Technical services services for your event in España

AV Express

We are a company that offers the most advanced audiovisual services to any organisation that wants to give a modern and professional image in their meetings, events, parties or congresses.

We provide you with the best mapping and 3D equipment on the market. But the most important thing: you will have the best professionals capable of getting the best performance out of this equipment. Our quality at your service, at really competitive prices. This is the current AV EXPRESS equipment, in constant evolution and modernisation to always offer the best service at the best cost.

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Photo of AV Express 1
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In Av Express audiovisual production company we have projectors with more than 6500 L

  • You will never see the image so powerful and so clear in a projection.
  • A wide variety of screens with different sizes, up to 3 metres.
  • Incredible multi-screen combination possibilities.
  • Professional camera equipment to record your event and remember it forever.
  • Post-production equipment for editing all recorded material.
  • Our technicians will enhance the recording experience of your events with 3D and mapping.
  • Post-production capabilities to push the boundaries of the audiovisual experience.


AV Express specializes in event services in the following categories:

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