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Bonguu Catering

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Contact person: Alberto Montalvo

San Romualdo, 26, Madrid

Catering for events services for your event in Madrid

Bonguu Catering

Bonguu is a catering company with a wide gastronomic experience, specialized in the organization of events for both individuals and companies. Our philosophy is to offer our customers the highest possible quality at the best price, both in our dishes and in all the details that accompany the execution of a service. To do this, we use the best raw materials and elaborate preparations according to current gastronomic trends, we also pay special attention to the decoration and presentation of all our dishes using slate, melanin or earthenware tableware. We also take care of the complete assembly of table linen and decoration, and use techniques of food regeneration and plating in the same place where the service will be carried out so that our dishes reach the customer’s table in the best possible conditions, whatever the service to be performed.

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Photo of Bonguu Catering 1
Photo of Bonguu Catering 2
Photo of Bonguu Catering 3
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Gourmet catering

Whether for a working breakfast, a department meeting, a product presentation or a gala dinner, Bonguu Catering Gourmet offers you its wide experience to make your corporate event a sure success. By means of a personalized advice we analyze any need of our client adapting our proposal to their tastes, theme, guests, etc. With our top quality products and our presentations no one will remain indifferent. We strive to turn any event into something special, controlling even the smallest detail for the satisfaction of the guests.

Customized cocktail menus for all types of events

Different cocktail menus with gourmet catering

If you are looking for a wide variety of appetizers in Bonguu Catering Gourmet you will find it. Our cuisine is different, we offer a cocktail menu with a more elaborate cuisine and mix of international dishes that leaves no one indifferent.

Cocktail menu for business events

Whether it’s a business lunch, a conference or a corporate party, our cocktail menu for business events is designed to impress your clients and employees. We offer a selection of delicious bites and drinks that will satisfy all attendees.

Cocktail Menu for Private Events with Gourmet Catering

Whether you’re planning a private party, a family celebration or an intimate gathering with friends, our private event cocktail menu is perfect for you. Our talented chefs will create sophisticated and flavorful dishes that will delight your guests.


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