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Catering Izaro

Organise your event with Catering Izaro

Catering for events services for your event in Vizcaya

Izaro Catering is born under the certainty that a varied and fun diet and diet are not at odds with eating away from home and your event neither. 

Photo of Catering Izaro 1
Photo of Catering Izaro 1

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The company is committed to a catering service based on a modern, agile catering web service, with daily menus consisting of a wide variety of dishes and a wide range of dishes and a team of renowned hospitality professionals who combine their love of traditional cuisine and the best ingredients with the application of the latest culinary techniques in pursuit of a round dish and a balanced diet for the day to day and for all kinds of Events with a good catering.


Catering Izaro specializes in event services in the following categories: