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Cinesa Madrid

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Contact person: Laura Navalón

C/ Fuencarral, 136, Madrid

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Cinesa set cinemas and virtual spaces.

Cinesa Madrid Area is composed of 13 cinemas located in the capital. Three are Luxe: Equinoccio Madrid, La Moraleja and Xanadú. The remaining eleven are Heron City Las Rozas, La Gavia, Las Rosas,  Plaza Loranca 2, Parquesur, Príncipe Pío, Proyecciones, Manoteras, Méndez Álvaro and Nassica. They have 183 rooms all equipped with the best technology.

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Cinesa is the leading company in film exhibition in Spain with about 22 million viewers, and leader also in showrooms with more than 500, spread over more than 40 cinemas that has the best locations in the main provincial capitals, and especially in Madrid and Barcelona. Cinesa is committed to technology and comfort when it comes to offering its customers the best cinema experience, two aspects that make possible, among others, the installation of luxury seats, immersive IMAX screens, ScreenX, Dolby Cinema and exclusive iSens in Spain with the best visual and sound quality, and excellence in customer service. It also has the spectacular Cinesa Luxe cinemas, which represent a new concept in the way of living the cinema.

Its facilities make it an ideal place to hold your event, a unique space where your customers can receive with the highest quality what you want to communicate when organizing your event.

Cinesa is part of Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group, which is the first film exhibitor on the market with more than 115 million spectators per year and 360 cinemas in 14 countries in Europe. In 2016, the Group was acquired by AMC Theaters, giving rise to the largest film exhibition company in the world.