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Catering for events services for your event in Tarragona

DELICAT is formed by a team of people passionate for good cuisine who work every day to get the concept of quality cuisine to all persons and institutions that put the trust in them. DELICAT is a division of Grup Arbó, company dedicated since 22 years ago to the hotels and restaurants that comes in response to the needs of the communities in the area of the province of Tarragona.

Photo of Delicat 1
Photo of Delicat 1

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Currently delicate has facilities with technology and the necessary equipment as well as a logistics centre to bring to fruition its task of organizing events both for individuals and for businesses, various dining rooms of schools, day care centres, communities, putting a greater emphasis on the latter.
Its philosophy is based on collaboration and constant communication with customers to care for each of the services offered to the last detail.
Its cuisine is based on the preparation of dishes using first quality products, generally of the area and time; raw materials elaborated with traditional cooking systems and high technology.

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