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Design Bags

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Contact person: Verónica Ferri

C/ Veronica, 16 plta 2, puerta1, Elche/Elx, Alicante

Support services services for your event in España

We are a manufacturer/supplier of sustainable and personalized welcome packs for events, courses, promotional and corporate merchandising. We provide the best results, helping to increase the satisfaction of our customers and enhancing their brand value.

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The key to success: Welcome Packs and the best service offer

Why choose Custom Design Bags as your supplier?

Because we are experts in the Events, Conferences and Corporate sector. We offer a complete and full experience, which guarantees the success of our client’s activities:

– Our 360 Experience and Item Handling services, adapted to the current situation and specially designed to increase participation and identification in your events.

– We offer a personalized service for each client according to their requirements, with special care and direct contact channels with our customer service team.

– We offer a wide range of eco-sustainable and fair trade products that reduce the carbon footprint of the different promotional activities and that include these activities under a framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

– Eco-friendly personalization techniques: We use water-based inks for our prints and for the personalization of our products, as well as labels on recycled paper.

– We offer custom manufacturing, that is, if we don’t have it, we create it for you.

– We configure and personalize your welcome pack, meeting your needs and adapting to the new situation.

– We offer you personalized attention from a team of experts who will accompany you throughout the process.

Our goal is excellence in our work and the satisfaction of our customers!


– Aenor – ISO 9001

– Fair Trade Cotton

– Global Recycled Standard


Design Bags specializes in event services in the following categories: