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8 proveedores de design, decoration & set-up encontrados con: Furniture & accessories for events

Find the best furniture & accessories for events in Spain and Portugal.

Furniture & Accessories

En eventoplus, seleccionamos los mejores proveedores para que te ayuden a organizar tus eventos fácilmente.

Puedes seleccionar varios proveedores, y pedir tu presupuesto a medida y rápidamente para tu evento.

Con la opción filtrar, podrás elegir los mejores proveedores para tu evento por tipo y lugar.

¿Quieres que te ayudemos a buscar el mejor proveedor para organizar tu evento?

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Let’s green the planet

Viale Augusto Righi, 66, Florencia (Firenze)
Furniture & accessories for events
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Rental of furniture for exhibitions, congresses, fairs and events

Furniture & accessories for events
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Leading company in rental of design furniture and floorcovering for events.

Roda 8-10, Oficis 23, unidades 13-15, Poligono Industrial El Regas, Gavá, Barcelona, Barcelona
Furniture & accessories for events Stand Builders for events
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Crimons, is the leading company of design and high quality furniture rental for any kind of event. It is a supplier specialized in Fairs, Congresses, Corporate and Private Events. Warehouses are located in Madrid and Barcelona with more than 5.000sqm. It reaches all the national territory, France and Portugal. Crimons are ephemeral montages for events that transcend. And it is what we know how to do because we have been doing it for more than 60 years.

Avda. de la Generalitat, 31, Sant Joan Despí
Furniture & accessories for events Furniture & accessories for events
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Let nothing be missing from your event. The trust of more than 20,000 customers endorse us.

Furniture & accessories for events
Imagen de Grupo San Cristóbal

Alquiler de materiales para fiestas y eventos.

Av. Amargacena, 18. , Córdoba
Tents for events Furniture & accessories for events Portable toilets rent for events Stand Builders for events
Imagen de Grup Pous

His career is backed by over 70 years of history.

Polígon industrial C/Indústria, 11-13 Fornells de la Selva, Girona, Fornells de la Selva
Furniture & accessories for events

LAGO EMPEDRADO we offer that and much more.

Avda. Sistema Solar 13, Nave 7 y 8 – San Fdo. de Henares, Madrid, San Fernando de Henares
Tents for events Furniture & accessories for events

Furniture & Accessories

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