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4 design, decoration & set-up providers found with: Staging & Platform en Madrid

Madrid, the heart of Spain, where every event seeks to stand out, requires stages that combine functionality with spectacle. Find providers in our guide who understand Madrid’s diversity, providing secure and attractive setups for everything from corporate acts to large celebrations in the capital, ensuring your event’s success.

En eventoplus, seleccionamos los mejores proveedores para que te ayuden a organizar tus eventos fácilmente.

Puedes seleccionar varios proveedores, y pedir tu presupuesto a medida y rápidamente para tu evento.

Con la opción filtrar, podrás elegir los mejores proveedores para tu evento por tipo y lugar.

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Image of Innomedia
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The solution to event production. Audiovisual, sound, technology, stages, tents, furniture, catering, entertainment and artists. Benefit from cost advantages and responsibility of our team.

Staging & Platform
Image of Innomedia Stage and stage rental
Photo of Innomedia Stage and stage rental 2
Photo of Innomedia Stage and stage rental 3
Photo of Innomedia Stage and stage rental 4
Photo of Innomedia Stage and stage rental 5
Photo of Innomedia Stage and stage rental 6

Rental of stages and stages for events. Approved structures, quality at the best price. We have a team with a long history and experience.

Staging & Platform
Image of Grupo Friends
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At Grupo friends we have been helping our clients in the production of their events and shows for over 20 years.

Tents for events Staging & Platform Staging & Platform Tents for events
Image of Focus Events
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Focus Events – We give solution to the needs of all communication events. Offices in Barcelona and Madrid.

Staging & Platform Stand Builders for events
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