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DICOM Events

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Contact person: Elena Trias

c/ Séneca 11, bajos, Barcelona

Design, Decoration & Set-up services for your event in Barcelona


Experts in connecting companies with their target audiences through high-impact events and brand activations.

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We are events, physical and virtual, but also hybrids. We are change and with that, we’re security, technology, and innovation. We are concern and future welfare, that’s why we are sustainability, awareness, and fight. We are people, designers, comerciales, and producers; but we are team, strength, emotion, and creativity too. We are unique. Dicom – The unique events Agency.

Abertis, Audi , Bankinter, BMW, Caixa Bank, Citroën, Coca-Cola, Emirates Airways, Esteve, Estrella Damm, Desigual,Grifols, GSMA, Henke, Huawei, Jaguar, Juvé & Camps, Leti, Lexus, Lora Alliance, L’Oréal, Mazda, MINI, Mobile World Congress… have placed their trust on us. They recognise us

  • 7 Emporia Awards for Best Ephemeral Architecture
  • 6 Eventoplus Awards
  • 2 European Best Event Awards
  • AEDEEC Medal of Merit to our work


DICOM Events specializes in event services in the following categories: