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Contact person: José María Neira

Paseo de la Castellana 188, Madrid

Entertainment & Activities services for your event in España


We offer many unique experiences, unforgettable emotions, and notoriety in RRSS.

More than 20 years making fun and original photocalls with innovative technologies: 360 videos, GIF mirror, 3D photos, artificial intelligence, pictures from the ceiling, photo-plate magnet bottle openers, photos with special effects, magazine covers, Matrix photos, Reels, Glam cam, virtual photocall, mosaics, impossible photos… whatever you want, we develop to measure what you imagine.

Our 100% Spanish technology software allows us to use any Android device, which is perfect for presenting new terminals of any brand. Ask us what you want, and we will develop it for you.

We achieve engagement, emotional relationship between the event attendee and the event sponsor, notoriety in social networks, databases complying with the RGPD…

We will share the images with the attendees by WhatsApp. By communicating via WhatsApp, the sending process is agile and efficient: writing 9 digits than an e-mail address is faster, avoiding e-mails that bounce back after being mistyped or go to the spam folder. With WhatsApp, we are sure the photos/videos are received immediately. In addition, we show the images on the event screens in real-time.

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We have made fun and original photocalls with the latest technologies for over 20 years. We offer unique experiences, unforgettable emotions, notoriety, and much fame on social media.

With our innovative solutions, we emotionally connect the attendees to an event with the event’s sponsor.

Our original photocalls are perfect for any corporate event, sports, music, booth activations, or roadshow. Our software allows us to use any Android device, which is ideal for presenting new terminals of any brand.

Some of our services are:
360 videos
3D moving pictures: 2 different poses are taken,
and changing the viewing angle alternately creates a motion effect.
Photo-montage: magazine covers and photos with customized frames with the sponsor’s message.
Photos with AI: We «tele-transport» the attendees worldwide
… much more

Samsung, Jansen, Huawei, Yahoo, Heineken, Burger King, Atlas Capital, Cutty Sark, Covex, Cepsa,…


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