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Flair crew

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Catering for events services for your event in Barcelona

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“Make your event a better experience”
We offer bar catering and cocktail services for all kinds of events and weddings. We customize each event to ensure the best service.
This team of professionals gives you the possibility to customize each service and to shape your ideas and proposals.

Photo of Flair crew 1
Photo of Flair crew 1

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Flair Crew stands out for advising on the choice of drinks and cocktails according to tastes to your event.
You can choose from a standard bar service to taste drinks and combinations for all audiences, to an original and exclusive cocktail service to delight the most select palates with delicious cocktails. And if you want to leave your guests open-mouthed, the Flair Crew team can liven up the event with a Flair show or acrobatic cocktail bar. A whole sensory and visual experience!


Flair crew specializes in event services in the following categories: