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Contact person: Cristina Otero

Camino de los Descubrimientos. nº 11. 4ª Planta-Izda., Sevilla

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What you don´t expect,you never forget. We are an agency specialised in Surprising Marketing and Communication Strategies at national and international level. Types: events. communication and advertising campaigns, trade shows, exhibitions, museums, digital mk and corporate spaces branding. 

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Grupo Abbsolute
When defining the concept of our agency, we always begin with our slogan: “What you don´t expect, you never forget”, a motto which all members of the team have bought into, internalising it and using it as our main motivation in each new project.
When our first communication action took place, we were the first to be surprised but not the only ones. We found out then the real meaning of communicating. When the unexpected takes place, it surprises you and you remind it forever… So this happens once and again, whenever the inspiration begins to take shape and it changes into a stimulus that passes on us and those who want to come along with us, reaching its main purpose with the fulfillment of client needs. This slogan is the core of our business, our daily philosophy and the way we face new challenges.
Grupo Abbsolute add value to each project, creativity within process and well defined ideas finally turned into actions.
We count on a highly qualified team with extensive experience in communication –one which is always looking to SURPRISE through innovation and boldness in every new challenge–, offering a service which ranges from Consultancy and Advice through to the holistic Conceptualisation, Design and Production of projects.

Eventoplus Awards GOLD Best Trade Show- Andalucía FITUR 2017. EUBEA Awards GOLD Best TRADE SHOW–Andalucía en FITUR 2016. Agripina Awards Best Campaing Public Services. Emporia Awards–Extremadura en FITUR 2016. 2ª Best Event´s Agency in Spain–Magazine El Publicista. Eventoplus Awards 2016 GOLD Best Venue, SILVER Best Promotion Event, SILVER Best Event Low Budget and BRONZE Event Motivational.