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Grupo Nordeste

Organise your event with Grupo Nordeste

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Contact person: Rocío Perez

Barcelona, Barcelona

Professional/Staff services for your event in España

We equip your event with:

  • Contingency and security plans
  • Comprehensive security management – Asesoria
  • Access control personnel, assistants and informants
  • COVID-19 preventive staff
  • Fire prevention equipment, health, gauging systems, cleaning etc.
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Grupo Nordeste is a comprehensive services company, we study your event and detect all needs. Control staff and secutiry to events. Master plans, PAU’s, emergencies etc …

We have access control and auxiliary personnel but we experience the events as something integral and with our partners we can make an integral management.

We add to our portfolio security assistance, security training, medical services, fire prevention, people counting systems and capacity control, cleaning, hostesses, etc.

Our added value is the integration of all services with a single contact person, efficient management and our ability to respond.

We have been present for several years in:

Mobile Word Congress (Barcelona)
GOYA Theater (Madrid)
We work with institutions such as:

Barcelona’s town hall
Present at:

Great concerts, inaugurations and events for brands, venues, exhibitions, fairs and congresses …

We want to be your trusted company.

We work with different clients such as: City Councils, Producers, Construction companies, among others, which offer us their trust in different occasions.

We manage Concerts, Major Festivals, Corporate Events, Control of Private Parties, small and large events and many more.


Grupo Nordeste specializes in event services in the following categories: