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MagicBox 360 to your event. 


Photo of imagic 1
Photo of imagic 1

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MagicBox four-sided best known as holographic pyramid is a pyramidal display with four projectors showing products, logos or objects that the prism then gathers to form a single and unique 3D image. It is really shocking and unique because we can surround the display and observe the holographic image floating in the middle of it giving a true 360 effect.

MagicBox OneFace

Similar in appearance to a simple glass display case, the new MagicBox holographic totem developed by imagicc is called to become a phenomenon capable of catching the attention of anyone who passes before it. Its ability to mix real objects and hyperrealistic 3D holograms resembles what is seen only in sci-fi movies.

MagicBox 180o

MagicBox stands out for its ability to mix the virtual with the real by offering holograms in a 180 degree view. The equipment works in broad daylight, so it doesn’t need darkness, at temperatures between 0 and 40o with a consumption of just 240w. It integrates high voices and can stay in operation 24 hours with a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours.

You can have holograms in your event with imagic. 


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