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Contact person: Carmen Villalba / Montserrat Sardà

C/Torrent de les Flors, Barcelona

Support services y Technical services services for your event in España

Interidea offers comprehensive interpreting services. We only work with the best professionals and we always aim to offer top-notch quality. We make our clients our priority.

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Interidea is run by professional conference interpreters with years of experience behind them. We aim to offer our clients the best service. We offer simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting services. We also coordinate teams to provide you with top-notch quality interpretation in different language combinations. But not only that: we also provide you with all the sound equipment that you need for your event. With Interidea, you will enjoy the support and advice we offer from the very beginning, and we will guide you through all the requirements needed for your event. You can count on us to make the best decisions so that communication is flawless. And always with the support of a team that knows your needs and the current market situation.

Our clients include public agencies, relevant multinational companies and private clients. If you wish to obtain more references, please contact us.


Interidea specializes in event services in the following categories: