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MGS Auditorium

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Contact person: Marina Ayala

Entença 325 - 335 / Diagonal 543, Barcelona

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A multipurpose space in the main financial artery of Barcelona

Photo of MGS Auditorium 1
Photo of MGS Auditorium 2
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Photo of MGS Auditorium 1
Photo of MGS Auditorium 2
Photo of MGS Auditorium 3
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The MGS Auditorium reinvents itself as a space for streaming and hybrid events. It has recently been renovated with the latest technological developments to continue hosting top quality events.

Located on Avenida Diagonal, the main financial area of ​​the city of Barcelona, ​​the MGS Insurance building has a large Auditorium, a unique space for all types of meetings, congresses and conventions.

Located on the -1 floor of the building, the MGS Auditorium has a capacity for 256 people in theater and is equipped with the latest technology: super-panoramic LED screen and sound and lighting systems with a variety of possibilities.

It also has 4 adjoining rooms and a large lobby that can be configured with different environments, offering great versatility.

With the objective that you can organize your event in the easiest and most comfortable way, you will have the constant support and supervision of an internal team, which will ensure that all your needs are covered, and an audiovisual team, which will be in charge of to control all the technical details of the act: sound, video, image, lighting …

In addition, we put at your disposal our wide range of services and partners, who can advise and provide special equipment if your event requires it: supplementary microphony, super-panoramic projection, selective lighting…

Our audiovisual provider is Videoson, a company with a long history that provides global services in the field of audiovisual communication. Videoson offers support and technical advice to all those events that require an audiovisual installation, either live or by permanent assembly.

The catering company with whom we work is Pastisseria Sauleda. They are specialists in the planning and development of high quality gastronomic experiences for all types of events.