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Premium mixes

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Catering for events services for your event in Madrid

Tematized Cocktail. 

En Premium Mixes a  cocktail can inspire us, remind us of a certain brand, can have those ingredients present in a product or the corporate colors of the event.

Photo of Premium mixes 1
Photo of Premium mixes 1

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Cocktail Bar, coktail to events and parties. 

 In Premium Mixes we believe that cocktail bar is an art, not just a recipe. That is why we seek to bring creativity to its maximum exponent, always bringing it to our field.
We mark a base with traditional cocktails giving them our touch of originality either with the glassware used, the decorations or garnish or even creating variants of traditional cocktails revering them to surprise event after event.


We customize cocktails to reach an audience that wants something else, an inspiration or a light touch.
From cocktails with fruits and botanicals typical of a perfume to cocktails with colors and textures of a logo. A concept embodied in a baroque daiquiri or even corporate values in the selected ingredients for an inspiring cocktail.
There’s nothing you can’t do, the harder it gets, the more fun.



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