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4 Proveedores de professional/staff encontrados con: Security Personnel for events en Barcelona

eventoplus links you with leading security and access control providers in Barcelona. Perfect for ensuring safety at congresses, concerts, and festivals, our providers offer customized solutions for every requirement.

En eventoplus, seleccionamos los mejores proveedores para que te ayuden a organizar tus eventos fácilmente.

Puedes seleccionar varios proveedores, y pedir tu presupuesto a medida y rápidamente para tu evento.

Con la opción filtrar, podrás elegir los mejores proveedores para tu evento por tipo y lugar.

¿Quieres que te ayudemos a buscar el mejor proveedor para organizar tu evento?

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Staff with good presence and knowledge of languages to attend the pubic in the best possible way in any type of event..

Security Personnel for events
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Catch & Control created in 1998 dedicated event staff, controllers access, auxiliary services, janitors, civic agents

Security Personnel for events
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GRUPO NORDESTE offers you peace of mind in all your events !!

Security Personnel for events
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We are your expert crew team for all kinds of events.

Hostesses & staff for events Security Personnel for events Staff for set-up/tear-down for events
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