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Rent Audiovisual

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Contact person: Joaquin Pérez Tinao

C/ Adriano nº 3, planta 1, Sevilla

Technical services services for your event in Sevilla

In Rent Audiovisual we are specialists in events, congresses and conventions. For that reason, we have the latest generation equipment to cover all your needs. From complete projection systems, computer systems, video production and editing, audio equipment, microphones, simultaneous translation, mobile and conventional lighting systems, interactive voting to curtains and scenery.

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These are the reasons to choose Rent Audiovisual for the organization of your event:

Trust with our clients: Each of our clients are treated with direct and personalized care, so that all jobs and events have the highest efficiency. There is no better way to know that our clients are happy with our work.

Technical equipment: All the material, both lighting and sound, as well as audiovisual equipment we have is our own, having also a high technical knowledge without having to make use of intermediaries. We also have streaming services.

Human team: If you need it, we have an unbeatable human team, they have years of experience in all types of events and congresses and are all highly qualified.

Audiovisual equipment: Image, sound, simultaneous translation, lighting, IT.

3D Simulation: Our projects are accompanied by a technical dossier provided with 3D visualizations for more information on how your project will look like.

E-conference: We carry out virtual conferences using different technologies such as videostreaming.

Interactive voting: Wireless voting system with ultra-light controls and 100% reliability.

Stages and dividers: We have a practical modular system for the creation of backstage and stage backdrops, screens adaptable to each space, custom-made stages, etc.

Technical service: We offer services of production, sound, lighting, transportation, translation, installation, control during the events, post-production, etc.


Rent Audiovisual specializes in event services in the following categories: