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Contact person: Kio Aubà - Rachel Robertson - Laura Estradé

Paseo Taulat, 186 local , Barcelona

Technical services y Entertainment & Activities services for your event in España


We offer creative and innovative solutions. We design personalised and strategic actions for each occasion. We work with creativity, art and passion, bringing added value to each event. A long experience in the sector supports us to offer project consultancy.

We custom design the technical, artistic and audiovisual production for each staging. We offer unique and exciting entertainment options for all types of events. Our pillar is creativity. Ideas that generate sensations and amplify emotions. Our aim is to open up your senses.

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SINTONIZART sets the pace with the latest trends in creative solutions, innovative stage formats that show the most innovative in the industry present national and international events. We create new ways to communicate with the art of producing events, creativity and originality are the engine of our company, always with a watchful eye toward the edge. SINTONIZART is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the art world, which guarantees high fluidity to communicate with our customers.

  • Event show agencies
  • Artists and talents
  • Musical groups, singers and DJs for events
  • Animation for events
  • Activities and entertainment for virtual events
  • Studio set for virtual events

– 2019 Teaming up with SPAINTACULAR, Gold for the Best Celebration Event and Bronze for the best technical assembly and three international awards for the same event, granted by ADMEI, Best use of technology, Best entertainment and Best Event $ 200,001 and more. – 2017 Eventplus Gold Award for «Best event with a reduced budget: Secret Party” along with Vilaplana catering. – 2016 Site Crystal Award for «Best motivational event”. Spaintacular receives this award in collaboration with Sintonizart in its animations and shows. – 2015 Eventoplus Awards. Gold for Best Performance or Show Akuiris (Spaintacular). – 2015 Eventoplus Awards. Bronze for «Spanish Passion».