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Sweet & Drink Bilbao

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Contact person: Juan Marchante

C/ El Cano, 5, 1ºD , Bilbao , Vizcaya

Catering for events services for your event in Vizcaya

Sweet & Drink Bilbao

Sweet & Drink Bilbao

We have our own stages, with no rental fee, to get the most out of your event.
We collaborate with Very Bilbao, a communication agency in Bilbao that can help with calls, media diffusion, graphic production, etc.
Our purpose is that all events have the imprint of quality, good work and magic of Sweet & Drink.

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Photo of Sweet & Drink Bilbao 1
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Photo of Sweet & Drink Bilbao 3
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In Sweet & Drink Bilbao we have a standard menu that is the starting point and example to design a unique external catering. From which you can remove, add or change any of its snacks.


We have options for celiacs, vegans… as well as Basque gastronomy menus.

Enjoy a street-food experience completing or combining the Standard Menu with one of our thematic bars, of our own elaboration, and if you wish, assisted by qualified staff:

  • Japanese bar
  • Oyster stand
  • Table with ham stand
  • Mexican food bar
  • Cheese stand
  • Smoked salmon cutter
  • Arepa bar
  • Ceviche stand
  • Mini-burgers bar


Integral organization of events:

  • Design.
  • Production.
  • Execution.

Products and services for events:

Sweet & Drink Bilbao we collaborate with Very Bilbao, communication agency in Bilbao that can help with call, media diffusion, graphic production, etc.

Types of events:

  • Corporate, Institutional and Social Events.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Awards Ceremonies.
  • Press presentations.
  • Receptive Events.
  • Street Marketing.
  • Sports Events.
  • Team Buildings.


“We started our journey more than 30 years ago. Different members of our family came together to create this adventure.

We came from completely different worlds, such as photography, decoration, medicine or music… It has been a beautiful apprenticeship, with some setbacks and many joys.

We had the same goal: to create our own style, our own seal for our premises, in which the gastronomic offer would prioritize high quality raw materials, exquisite decoration and attention to the smallest details to offer a unique experience.

Sweet & Drink was born with the purpose of offering our own spaces, with no rental fee, only the cost of catering. Happy River, Yimby or Barcade are unique and different spaces that adapt to any event, day or night, business or celebration.

We are flexible and transform each space to your liking, also offering all the technical support you need, and everything you need to make your event a unique experience”.

Juan Marchante


Sweet & Drink Bilbao specializes in event services in the following categories:

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