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Contact person: Agustina

Calle Vallès i Ribot, 36, Barcelona

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Tic Tac Team - La gala show de trivia.

Tic Tac Team is a team building experience that will challenge your knowledge and strengthen the bonds in your team. It is an exciting TV Show experience that combines trivia questions, mini-games and gymkhana tests, where you can demonstrate your skills in various categories. Collaboration, effective communication, leadership skills and teamwork are encouraged through a playful experience. Key ingredients for the success and growth of a company. The dynamics:

  • Once the group has arrived, our team will assist participants in creating the avatars.
  • The presenter will explain the dynamics of the game and there will be a first round of questions to level the teams (in case they are not previously formed). We bring them together and provide colorful accessories to visually identify them.
  • The game begins! It consists of questions in 6 different categories and both individual and group mini-games. The score markers will go up or down throughout the game. And to add more fun… some rounds will allow you to bet and steal points from the other teams!
  • The presenter will be in charge of maintaining the excitement throughout the experience.
  • At the end, we give medals to the winners and/or, if they have been hired, personalized souvenirs to remember this incredible event.

The duration and characteristics of the game can be adjusted to the needs of each event.  

Make it unique: Discover our customization options

Question customization: We can add a particular category, or even customize all the questions in the game according to your preferences.

Interactive surveys and questionnaires: Taking advantage of the fact that participants are already using their mobile devices, we can incorporate surveys or questionnaires or personalized screens at the end of the game. This gives you a valuable opportunity to collect data, get feedback, or even run calls to action or targeted advertising.

Personalized souvenirs and prizes: We offer the option to include souvenirs or personalized items. These can be used as prizes for the winning team, such as medals, trophies or gift items, or to differentiate the teams, such as colored t-shirts with the company logo or personalized accessories.

Expansion of experience: In addition to the basic gymkhana tests, we can take the experience to another level by incorporating giant games or inflatables that will add an additional element of competition and fun. We also offer the possibility of hiring various entertainment items, such as foosball tables, ping pong, arcade machines, mechanical bull and more, for participants to enjoy before or after the activity.  

In addition to our customization services, we also offer comprehensive event planning service. We are in charge of coordinating suppliers of spaces, decoration, furniture, bar, DJ, signage, guest transportation and more, to guarantee that the entire event is a success without complications.

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