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A perfect detail for a sustainable event

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Contact person: Alida Nardi

Viale Augusto Righi, 66, Florencia (Firenze) , Andorra

Support services y Design, Decoration & Set-up services for your event in Andorra

An original and emotional detail that speaks of sustainability.

With Treedom you can bring concrete benefits to the planet and involve your audience in the initiative with a digital experience.

Give a tree as a gift with a simple link, QR code or eco-card!

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Photo of Treedom 2
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Photo of Treedom 1
Photo of Treedom 2
Photo of Treedom 3
Photo of Treedom 4
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With Treedom you can achieve your communication, marketing and social responsibility goals while bringing concrete benefits to the planet and people. Engage your customers and employees with a digital experience, supporting a project that addresses the challenges of our time.

It’s simple:

  • Create your digital forest: planting trees with Treedom means having an online forest, which can also be integrated into your website, interactive and fun to discover. Each tree will carry your logo and message forever, will be visible online and will have its own diary to discover the history of the project it will bring to life.
  • Give your trees as a gift: all trees planted by your company can be gifted digitally or physically with an eco-card, generating a long-term commitment.
  • Communicate your commitment: build your narrative with text content, photos, videos, and mini-games made from materials collected directly from our projects.

Ivan Raykov –

“Treedom is a great platform that helps us incentivize various internal projects where employees don’t expect a reward, but would appreciate a small meaningful gesture expressing gratitude and appreciation. It’s the perfect alternative to branded merchandise and an easy solution when you need additional gamification and incentives for your projects.”

Jim Pisani – Timberland

“Trees and green spaces contribute to improving the quality of our planet and individual well-being. Our commitment to planting trees is a real and measurable way to act on the belief that a greener future is a better future. We encourage people around the world to join the movement by taking heroic action for nature, big or small.”

Roberta de Rocco – Toyota

“We wanted to create an original activity that involved all our staff and had the potential to ‘last’ over time – we didn’t want an ephemeral initiative. We started by giving Treedom trees to our employees as a birthday gift. Given the success of the campaign, we decided to continue and offer two. We invited them to give the second tree to friends or family as a token of gratitude to someone close to them this year.”


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