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Contact person: Marcos Eguillor

Pol. Ind. A Granxa, Edifi. A Granxa, Rua D., Porriño, O, Pontevedra

Technical services services for your event in Pontevedra

Web solution designed for massive online events.
A simple and innovative experience, with a wow-effect, which increases interaction and engagement. With data of the participants and their emotions, downloadable with API.
Carbon neutral events, with dashboard and support for continuous improvement.

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A solution specifically designed for massive online events.
Simple experience for maximum participation, interaction and engagement of the participants. With immersive binaural audio.
Aggregated and segmented data of the audience and their profiles, and their reactions, downloadable through API for integration in CRM, HRIS, LMS, etc.
Customizable image and with management dashboard.
A secure, scalable web solution that respects the privacy of the participants.
With the possibility of having a neutral carbon footprint and making it visible to participants and the market.
With support and periodic monitoring for the evaluation and continuous improvement of the results of the organization and the events produced.


vidiv specializes in event services in the following categories: